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About Heckmondwike Grammar School

Heckmondwike Grammar School is proud of its reputation and the successes which our pupils have achieved here over the years. Despite recent changes to the structure of education much remains as before. We are now an academy which means we are still a state funded grammar school providing free education.

Our vision is for a school in which pupils feel happy and safe and are challenged and supported to achieve the highest possible academic standards. They are encouraged to participate and excel in a wide range of creative, sporting and cultural fields. They will develop the skills and qualities that will make them healthy, adaptable, responsible citizens of the future and enable them to make a profound contribution.

We have a very dedicated and well qualified staff. Most importantly the partnership between staff, parents and pupils, always strong in the past, continues to flourish and is a vital factor in sustaining the purposeful working atmosphere which exists throughout the school.


A school should be judged not only on its examination results or its facilities but also on the fitness of its pupils to succeed in later life. We think we serve our pupils well. More importantly so do others, including Ofsted, who judged the school to be outstanding on their last visit, and the various national newspapers who regularly include us in their lists of the most high-performing schools.


Mike Cook

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